Want to Test you Muscles?

Get a team together and pull the "Cat" for a special cause.


Teams can be comprised of 4 to 8 members (you decide) and will be pulling the Bearcat using only a rope.  

The team with the shortest time per pound (actual time divided by total team weight) pulling the Cat from point A to B will be deemed the winner!

 The weight of each team member will be measured on site, to determine the team’s “Total Weight.” Important: Your Team can have “Bonus Help!”  If you choose, you can have any Special Olympian present be a part of your team. Their weight will not be added to your team’s weight…only their strength and determination!!! 

The cost is $10.00 per person, which gets you a cool I Pulled the Bearcat T-Shirt and a meal ticket for the day.

The winning team will receive  UNDISPUTED  bragging rights for the year as well as their team's name engraved on the Bearcat's Traveling Trophy


Come show us what you got!



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